• Apple unveils iPhone 14 Pro and Watch Ultra

    Apple has revealed iPhone 14, the iPhone 14, with emergency satellite connectivity and crash detection technology at an event to launch it held in the US.

    The company unveiled four variants of the phone in its Cupertino headquarters where a crowd was present on the spot for the very first time since the pandemic.

    The company also showcased the latest extreme sports wearable, The Watch Ultra.

    The event was focused on the future-generation iPhone, Watch and AirPod products.

    Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook was on stage in the Steve Jobs theater on the company's California campus. But the entire presentation was recorded.

    Apple Watch Series 8

    Apple Watch Series 8 has several new features like the ability to detect car crashes as well as temperature sensors for tracking cycles of ovulation, and a new option for low-power mode.

    There has been some concern about menstrual trackers after the changes to abortion laws within the US and there are fears that the data on menstrual periods could be used by law enforcement agencies. Apple claims that the data stored that it stores on devices is secured and only accessible through biometrics or passcodes.

    "We are taking our commitment to women's health even further," said Jeff Williams, chief operating officer at Apple.

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    Apple announced a new automated Ovulation notification that is retroactive could benefit those trying to get pregnant.

    When activated, the latest watch will monitor body temperature every five seconds throughout the night, and detect small changes that could signal the ovulation.

    Another exciting new feature is the auto crash detection. By using sensors this watch can detect the severity of a crash and instantly connect the wearer to emergency services, give their exact location , and inform emergency contacts.

    The Series 8 now also features the option of a low-power mode that is that was borrowed from the iPhone which will last for up to 36 hours when running fully charged.

    Apple Watch Series 8 is priced at $399. Apple Watch Series 8 is priced at $399 in the US The price is PS419 in UK.

    Apple Watch Ultra

    Waterproof, dustproof and scratch-resistant and scratch-proof Apple has revealed its competitor to Garmin, Polar and other tough manufacturers of watches.

    Ultramarathoner Scott Jurek from Born to Run participated in the unveiling for the new watch which was focused on a larger face design that is suitable for extreme sports use.

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    All Ultra watches can have the capacity to last upto 36 hours of battery life on one charge and have a longer time for battery replacement of 60 hours and Apple guaranteeing enough power for its users to complete an ultra-triathlon, which involves running, cycling, and swimming.

    Apple Watch Ultra is priced at $799. Apple Watch Ultra is priced starting at $799 in the US and PS849 in the UK.

    iPhone 14

    The company is launching its iPhone 14 in two sizes The iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus.

    The latest phones are able to make an emergency call to help through satellite. The handset will show the position of satellites passing overhead , and will show you how to direct the device towards them in a correct manner.

    It can take anything from 15 seconds to several minutes to send an initial message.

    "The investment to add satellite capability should not be underestimated," said Ben Wood, chief analyst at CCS Insight.

    "It will likely have taken Apple years to put all the pieces of the puzzle in place, including a commercial agreement with satellite provider Globalstar, and the creation of the infrastructure needed to pass messages to the emergency services."

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    Analyst in the field of technology Paolo Pescatore said he believed this innovation was good the customers "in hard-to-reach areas".

    "It is encouraging to see providers starting to get serious about using satellite - ultimately reliable and robust connectivity is still highly sought-after among all users," he added.

    iPhone 14 camera

    The tech giant has announced an upgraded camera of 12 megapixels that can take photos of subjects moving quickly and boasts an improvement of 49% in low-light photography.

    The camera on the front also has automatic focus for the very first time to enhance selfies.

    In the words of Apple, iPhone users took more than 3 trillion photos in the last twelve months.

    iPhone 14 is priced at $799. iPhone 14 is priced from $799 (US) or at PS849 (UK).

    iPhone 14 Pro

    The most notable difference of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max design is the top portion of the screen, which has been changed to an oval cut-out.

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    A feature dubbed the Dynamic Island has been replaced by the black notch that numerous iPhone users are unhappy about. It will change its shape depending on the notifications available.

    Another important improvement is that the handset will always be on.

    If the phone isn't active, the screen gets dimmed, and its refresh speed gets reduced.

    The handset is available in a deep violet colour in addition to black, silver, and gold.

    The iPhone 14 Pro is priced at $999 (US) PlayStation 1099 (UK).


    AirPods Pro are much easier to locate in comparison to their previous models. They come with a brand new method of searching for lost earphones individually, that alarm when they fall outside from the box.

    In addition, the case comes with a speaker that plays more volume when asked through Find My app. Find My app.

    The latest AirPods Pro are priced at $249 (US) and PS249 (UK).

    Being present in person with a large crowd of Apple supporters, certainly resulted in a more fascinating launch than previous years. There was no announcement today that will transform the technology industry.

    The majority of Apple's latest technology is ideal for those who are in a position of danger on a regular or regular basis. New iPhone 14 will be able to send messages using satellites when away from the grid. This Ultra Watch design is chunky with an extended battery life - Apple claims that this model is ideal for long-distance travel. Apple has also revealed a new crash detection feature on new smartphones and watches that will notify emergency services whenever it detects an impact. The plan here is simple. Apple is still promoting its products as a safety and health aid. Not surprising, Tim Cook describes the products as "essential".

    However, in reality they are fascinating, however they are fairly niche and features that people will be hoping never to utilize.

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