• The football team stops in the UK to pay tribute to Queen's remarkable life

    Domestic football, starting that ranges from Premier League to grassroots, will not be taking place throughout the UK this weekend following the death of Queen Elizabeth II passed away aged 96.

    All matches across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland were postponed, and in Scotland, only senior matches were affected.

    However, a variety of other sports continue in the same way, including golf, cricket as well as rugby union, and horse racing.

    What factors were key in the decision of a football player?

    Dan Roan, BBC sports editor

    Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday, the football's governing bodies met on Friday to debate the best way to proceed in the coming weekend's matches.

    The government's national mourning guidelines recommended that the cancellation of games is not a requirement and that the decision be left to individual sports.

    Football Associations of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland all announced on Friday that matches were postponed in the act of respect.

    The Premier League said the decision not to continue with the ten games scheduled for this weekend was taken in honor of her "extraordinary life and contribution to the nation."

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    In a rare instance of unison, the football authorities believe that, unlike other sports which have already stopped events this week, including golf, cricket, and racing, the football team hasn't yet been given the opportunity to slow down and reflect on its actions and show respect for them.

    A lot of people are not convinced and feel that games would have given fans an opportunity to honor their heroes. There is a lot of sympathy for those who've spent the money to purchase tickets and travel and have to alter plans on very short notice, particularly with numerous other sporting events scheduled ahead.

    This decision to ban the school and grassroots sports is also a source of controversy, particularly since so many football players were lost in the pandemic, even if it's only for a weekend.

    However, the FA is well-known to be cognizant of football's status as a nation's sport at this crucial time, as well as the close connections the sport has with Queen Elizabeth II, who was the patron of the FA, as well as Prince William, is its president.

    What do you think of next week's schedule?

    In the context of this weekend's series of fixtures, the Monday Premier League game between Leeds and Nottingham Forest was also called off.

    However, after that, there will be Champions League, Europa League, Europa Conference League, and English Football League games taking at midweek.

    European games played on Thursday night went on exactly as planned, with an hour of silence being observed during matches that involved the British team.

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    Uefa hasn't yet released an update on the next matches involving British teams; however, Manchester City's Champions League game with Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday is expected to be played as planned.

    BBC Sport has been informed City can offer the necessary police protection to ensure the match will be played as planned at Etihad Stadium.

    Rangers, who will host Napoli for Napoli's Champions League on Tuesday, stated in a statement that they were in talks with Uefa; however, "at present, the game is scheduled to take place at the scheduled date and time."

    Manchester United have confirmed their Europa League game with FC Sheriff in Moldova on Thursday, which will take place according to the schedule "following discussions with the relevant governing bodies and in line with guidance issued by the UK government."

    EFL hasn't yet released an update regarding the midweek round of games.

    In the case of the next weekend's games, They are currently scheduled to take place, but this could change depending on the date when details for the Queen's funeral are announced.

    Funerals are scheduled to be held in Westminster Abbey in less than two weeks. However, the exact date will be announced through Buckingham Palace.

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    If it is scheduled for the following weekend, then games could again be put off. The policing of games could play a role in the final decision when they're moved to London on a large scale prior to The Queen's funeral.

    There are three games scheduled to be played in the capital on both Saturday and Sunday. There is a possibility that the Premier League is understood to be in talks with its teams, and they are also in contact with the Metropolitan Police has been asked to provide a response.

    Tottenham takes on Leicester on Saturday night. Then, Brentford takes on Arsenal, and Chelsea will play at home against Liverpool on September 18, September 18, Sunday.

    What time will the postponed games take place?

    Simon Stone, BBC Sport

    Finding room on the crowded English football calendar to play an entire schedule of Premier League fixtures (and possibly two) will be difficult.

    In a special season that features a winter World Cup - and restarts on December 20 and December 20, in the Carabao Cup fourth round, the space available is extremely limited.

    There isn't spare time in the middle of the week until the end of the season on June 3 or June 3, without any motive.

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    Two of them, the 17th and 7th of February, are scheduled for FA Cup third and fourth-round replays. Three additional dates, April 4, 2, May 2, May 2, and May 23, May 23, are scheduled for matches that have been delayed during the weekend in the EFL Cup final and the FA Cup sixth round and semi-finals.

    Two midweeks in January are reserved for the individual leg that makes up the EFL Cup semi-finals. Eight midweeks are set aside for Uefa games, and the European ruling body is opposed to having domestic games played simultaneously with the matches. In March, two midweeks are part of the last mid-season break for internationals.

    Discussions will begin next week to determine how to address the issue. The two governing bodies have no concerns about the issue, given that they have dealt with similar issues with the calendar during the Covid-19 affected season of 2020-21.

    After that, FA Cup replays were removed as well. The EFL Cup semi-finals were played as one match.

    Answers are similar to the present.

    What were the reactions of the fans?

    The Football Supporters' Federation acknowledged that there could be "no perfect decision" for the authorities of football but stated that it believed that a lot of supporters would have wanted matches to be played.

    It stated in an announcement: "We believe football is at its best when it brings people together on occasions of immense significance for the nation - whether those occasions of joy or of sorrow.

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    "Our belief that we shared with the authorities of football is that the vast majority of fans would have loved to be able to attend matches this weekend and give their tributes to Queen Elizabeth along with their fellow supporters.

    "Not everyone is going to agree and there is no right or wrong choice for the soccer authorities, but many fans will think that this was a missed opportunity for the football club to pay its own unique tributes. "

    What's going on with other teams?

    The game will begin in England's cricket match in match against South Africa on Saturday, and the women's Twenty20 match between England and India will be played as scheduled.

    Golf's PGA Championship will restart on Saturday following the end of the play the previous day.

    British horse racing is set to resume on Sunday, and the rugby union's Premiership season starts on Saturday following two matches on Friday were postponed.

    Saturday's Great North Run will go exactly as planned, and organizers stated that it's "an opportunity to come together and express our condolences while celebrating the life of our extraordinary Queen," and the event will take place "more subdued out of respect."

    Boxing's world championship fight with Savannah Marshall and Claressa Shields on Saturday has been delayed, with a tentative date of October 15 October 15 set for rescheduling.

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    All British Boxing Board of Control tournaments have been moved back to the weekend.

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