• 7 Habits of Highly Effective People According to Stephen Covey

    The traits of highly successful people, as described by Stephen Covey in one of his most popular books, could alter your life for good.

    Particularly if you're looking to be more efficient, strengthen your relationships with others, or increase your professional and personal development.

    This well-known American author, professor and speaker wrote "The seven habits of highly effective people" in 1989. since then, the book has had a positive effect on millions across the globe.

    Are you ready to transform your life? :

    If you're feeling like you're stuck in your career or are facing an existence-wide crisis and are struggling to find the way, the book could provide you with a solution.

    The practices of highly efficient individuals that Stephen Covey writes about could result in positive improvements in your quality of life that will help you achieve your goals when you're willing to accept these people with welcoming arms.

    Today we'd like to explain the nature of them and the lessons or teachings they might provide you, should you choose to incorporate them into your daily routine.

    It is important to remember that the theory is important, but the experience is what is the best way to improve in any part of your life in which you'd like to see real transformations.

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    1. Be proactive

    Stephen Covey says that productivity is closely tied to accountability. So, it is essential to be aware enough to be accountable for your decisions.

    This way, you'll be better able to make informed decisions, i.e. that they are based on your beliefs, rather than being dependent on the circumstances or circumstances the situation you are in.

    The ability to manage time and productivity is among the most important traits of highly productive individuals because it challenges their individual liberties and prompts them to rethink their:

    * Victories.

    * Fears.

    * frustrations.

    * Insecurities.

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    * Achievements.

    * ambitions.

    It's not about doing more it's about acting with wisdom, care and self-control in order that the improvement of your day-to-day life lets you live your life in peace, harmony and happiness.

    1. Start with the final goal in your mind.

    Young entrepreneurs ' stories of success about your goals, projects or business plans are vital for you to start your journey (in any area in your existence).

    If you don't define your goals at the start, the process of achieving them could be extremely difficult (no matter how easy or simple they appear).

    A goal in your mind is similar to having an idea of the future. And according to Stephen Covey, the former has to be "incredible".

    It is also crucial that you think about your beliefs and beliefs in your daily life, as they will assist you in:

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    * Fight against limiting beliefs.

    * Challenge paradigms.

    Feel more at ease, calm and secure.

    For Covey, this is among the main behaviours of highly effective individuals in the book, as it involves "rewriting your script."

    It allows you to engage in contemplation and self-analysis, to help you envision and plan what you want to be your "ideal tomorrow".

    But, it is important to be congruous with what you think and does so as to break bad habits and begin living more effectively.

    1. Put First Things First

    habits effective people

    It is also described in the top ways to be highly effective in Stephen Covey's book and is linked to efficiency and efficient time management.

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    Procrastination is a tendency to show up more often when a distinction between what is essential and urgent isn't established.

    To be more disciplined, it is essential to master efficiently managing time and, most importantly, determine the success of tasks or jobs according to the urgency of their tasks or importance.

    "Put prior to everything else" is an essential key to success when you are procrastinating either on a professional or personal scale.

    1. Think win-win

    How do you transfer a company? In the manner of highly efficient people, the concept of thinking win-win is definitely among the top most fascinating.

    This is due to the fact that it has an enormous and direct effect on other social actors, and, in addition, it facilitates efficient negotiations.

    Therefore, it is crucial to develop human relationships that are healthier, more fair and harmonious.

    Thinking about things that pull away from the win-win-win situation can lead you to a state of deficiency or insecurity, and this is not beneficial to the accomplishment of your goals.

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    1. Make an effort to understand, and then be fully understood.

    To attain this kind of behaviour in highly successful people, it is crucial to develop the ability to think on your feet.

    But, those who place the understanding of someone else ahead of their own will increase their degree of compassion.

    In this way, they can be capable of forming more welcoming, inclusive, harmonious and understanding social environments.


    The concept of "empathic listening" is a key component until it becomes a key aspect of human communications.

    The ability to listen with attention and to listen without judging is a major challenging task. It is, therefore, not something that can be learned in a short time.

    But, those who do this work elevate their awareness, let go of their over-self-esteem and are able to put themselves in someone else's shoes with no complaints or self-centeredness.

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    According to the CNBC report, this aspect does not have to be about the beliefs of every person but rather their core beliefs because they don't have to do with emotion. Rather, they are based on objectivity.

    1. Find a state of synergy.

    Synergy as a concept transcends "collaborative collaboration". This is among the top difficult behaviours of highly effective individuals found in the books.

    In some sense, it is related to respect for the autonomy of each person so that you can create an atmosphere of peace as well as respect, inclusion and hopefulness in the whole team.

    The more secure individuals feel at ease with their freedoms, The more open they are to forming positive relationships of interdependence that promote the common good of certain

    * Cluster.

    * Family.

    * organization etc.

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    1. "Sharpen your saw."

    This is the exact phrase Stephen Covey used to refer to his last extremely effective habits of people.

    It aims to increase human performance through self-renewal as well as constant advancement. However, at the core, it is a pursuit of personal development in all its aspects:

    * Spiritual.

    * Physical.

    * Socio-emotional.

    * Mental.

    "Sharpen to see" implies taking breaks to rejuvenate, reinvent oneself and recharge oneself with a new energy that has an impact positive on all aspects of our lives.

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    Effectiveness habits of highly successful people to emulate:

    We've revealed to you the seven characteristics of highly effective individuals, as suggested by Stephen Covey, the famous American author and speaker Stephen Covey, at the beginning of the 80s.

    If you are able to incorporate these practices into your routine every day, it is likely that you will begin to bring more prosperity, abundance, peace, harmony, and joy to your life.

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