• 5 Hispanic Entrepreneurs Who Succeeded in the United States

    5 Hispanic Entrepreneurs Who Succeeded in the United States


    If you're Latino living somewhere in North America and want to advertise your own ideas, it is a good idea to meet Hispanic entrepreneurs from the United States who have made history with their ventures.

    Their stories of success are remarkable and inspirational since they have faced numerous obstacles and difficulties. Therefore, they can be proud to say they live the life of their desires.

    In no doubt, the growth of Hispanic businesses in the United States has become a huge incentive for those looking to be part of this highly competitive market.

    Hispanic American Entrepreneur Success Stories:

    It is evident that the era of entrepreneurship is not going away, and its manifestations have become more sturdy throughout the United States.

    In reality, most Hispanic business owners in the United States have started profitable businesses and are completely certain that they are on their path to success.

    Below, you will discover the stories of 5 Hispanic Americans who trusted their ideas and transformed their ideas into successful businesses that produce millions of dollars every year:

    1. Andres Moreno - Open English

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    Andres Moreno Open englishAndres Moreno was the creator and director of Open English, a successful online English school that is valued at $400,000 million.

    At the time of his startup in the early days, the Venezuelan businessman didn't have a lot of money. In reality, the most valuable asset he had was, at the time, intangible, which was a million-dollar concept.

    The idea was born a ten-year ago, and he decided to get together 22 fellow programmers at his house in Venezuela to write his code to support Open English.

    After seven months, the money ran out, and Andres Moreno decided to relocate to Silicon Valley to obtain new sources of funding.


    His climb to fame was not an easy climb. For two years, he slept on a couch with a friend, trying to get the attention of angel investors who could aid him in the pursuit of his goals. Then, one day, he received $4 million dollars in order to provide the project with a sense of continuity.

    At present, Open English operates in more than 40 countries and is leading the market for online study of the language across Latin America.


    Because of this, Andres Moreno is among the top-performing and gifted Hispanic businessmen in the United States in the world.

    This is a great chance to discover a project you might have put off due to fear. However, you can get work within America. The United States as a foreigner in the event that you are in good order and in a transparent manner.

    2. Freddy Vega and Christian Van Der Henst-Platzi

    Plaza's story of the success of Platzi's story Freddy Freddy Colombian, Christian comes from Guatemala Both are Hispanic entrepreneurs from the United States who have made the reputation for Latin America very high.

    They are the creators of Platzi, which is a virtual learning platform that hasn't changed over time.

    The story of Platzi is unique because both of them failed a couple of times throughout their careers to enjoy the sweet taste of success.

    When they started teaching face-to-face classes, they realized that the future of education did not lie in classrooms that were traditional but rather in virtual classrooms.

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    However, they were not able to raise enough money to create the platform they had envisioned to completely transform the way that people learn online.

    Then they made the decision to bet on the big side by going toward Silicon Valley for a significant investment of capital.

    In 2015, they applied for Y Combinator, one of the top acceleration programs around the globe. To their delight, the program was accepted.

    This is why this startup of Hispanic origin became the first one to be accepted within this highly regarded program (the same program that has trusted companies like Dropbox, Reddit or Airbnb).

    A few months later, they were able to secure $2.1 million of funding from large investors like 500 Startups, Nazca Ventures, and Omidyar.

    Furthermore, Platzi received $6 million dollars in 2019 in order to continue international consolidation, and at the moment, its market value is at or near 50 million.

    3. Marcelo Claure - BrightStar Corporation

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    Marcelo Claure Hispanic Entrepreneur

    Marcelo Claure was born in Bolivia, and his love of business led him to establish BrightStar Corporation.

    This Bolivian was drastically altered after he moved into the United States in 1995 and made the decision to purchase USA Wireless (a prominent cell phone retailer).

    Then, he established BrightStar Corporation, a company that focuses on distributing and offering services to the wireless industry and specifically the Latin American market.

    While his growth took time, Marcelo did not rest until he took his business to the top of his game.

    At the beginning of the millennium new year, it was his firm that served as the primary distribution centre for Motorola devices for Latin America. Since 2001, its operations have been expanded into Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

    At present, BrightStar Corporation is valued at around $8 billion. And Marcelo is among the most prominent Hispanic entrepreneurial leaders in the United States.

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    4. Marcos Galperin - Mercado Libre

    Marcos Galperin

    Source: World Economic Forum

    Marcos Galperin could not be absent from the list below of Hispanic entrepreneurs from the United States who have set historical precedents through their Internet business concepts.

    The Argentine is the creator of Mercado Libre, a marketplace which is used by more than 50k people who earn the majority of their revenue via online sales.

    The origins of Mercado Libre go back to the days of students in this Argentine. The idea actually came to him when the student was studying for the MBA at Stanford University.

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    With the assistance of his finance instructor, Jack McDonald, he managed to secure his first investment.

    In the following years, Mercado Libre had two rounds of financing, one in 1999 and another in 2000. Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Partners are just a few of the investors who backed this venture.

    According to the latest figures from Statista, The market capitalization of this online store is $77 billion. As if that was not enough, it is also the most popular in that Latin American region.

    5. Ludwig von Ahn - Duolingo

    Luis von Ahn is one of the most successful Latino digital entrepreneurs of recent years due to his lengthy career and numerous ventures.

    It is said that this Guatemalan is a renowned computer scientist, as well as an accomplished computer instructor.

    Furthermore, he is also among the top famous Hispanic businesses throughout the United States history.

    He is well-known for establishing businesses that have marked both before and after in the world with such names as Captcha, Recaptcha and Duolingo.

    In reality, thanks to the latter, it gained massive recognition as the web platform which encourages the online learning of languages, dominating the market globally with huge growth.

    The initial phase of the project was financed through The National Science Foundation and the amazing MacArthur Grant.

    It's such a revolutionary business that it has been able to raise over $148 million in funding over the last few years.

    To say it is true that Luis von Ahn is one of the most well-known Hispanic businessmen in the United States is not an exaggeration.

    In fact, Forbes reported the fact that Duolingo is among the most lucrative business concepts with a value in the range of $750 million, and that's all due to the visionary and smart that is this Guatemalan.

    Hispanic entrepreneurs from the United States who are making history:

    Five Hispanic entrepreneurs from the United States have made history on commercial, technological or educational levels.

    While they all originate all hail from Latin America, it's important to remember that their most significant projects were developed on US land.

    Over the past few years, they have been able to promote companies valued at billions of dollars. These companies have changed not just their lives but also those who utilize their products and services.

    If you're within the United States and you think you could improve the quality of your business idea or project, now is the time to believe in your own capabilities and abilities.

    Remember that the famed "American dream" is just across the horizon. Don't be thinking about it any longer, and jump into the action as soon as you can.

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