• Graham Potter: Chelsea and their new boss are betting on one another

    Chelsea could be seen as having gambled in the appointment of Brighton director Graham Potter as successor to the sacked Thomas Tuchel However, and it could be purely mutual.

    A 47-year-old from Solihull Potter has built a prestigious reputation for his efforts at Brighton following his successes at Ostersunds FK in Sweden and Swansea City, creating an appealing style of football as well as a growing number of notable achievements.

    Potter However, Potter is yet to be examined in the type of hothouse Chelsea will offer, quite a contrast to the secure working environment that has enabled him to excel at Brighton and enjoy the freedom to design and create in the same way that has proven successful in the south-coast.

    Brighton has allowed Potter patience, time, and the ability to view any indifferent result to be part of the game with the kind of clemency the Chelsea manager.

    Potter hasn't been faced with larger egos and signings that came to the club at a huge cost prior to his arrival entering his former clubs.

    If the decision to appoint Potter is a risk for Chelsea because he'll be subject to scrutiny and pressure that he's never faced before, the same applies to the most recent occupant of the premier league's top seat.

    Reputations can be built slowly but destroyed quickly due to the demands that Chelsea has faced in past seasons. All of this will have been in their thinking of Potter prior to accepting the role; however, the prospect of battling for silverware at the top edge of the Premier League allied to competing in the Champions League proved irresistible.

    Potter's appointment is in line with Chelsea Owner Todd Boehly's preferential method of operation, according to people with an understanding of the way in which the American intends to conduct business.

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    Boehly has displayed hints of Roman Abramovich's brutality by dismissing Tuchel following the first hundred days under charge and just after approving the largest amount of money spent during a single transfer window of any British club. PS255.3m according to the financial services company Deloitte.

    The ultimate goal of the American, however, is to choose the long-term manager to form part of the collaborative structure at Chelsea, which Tuchel seemed to find difficult and will also improve the players he has available.

    This is the place where Potter is a good fit.

    Potter's steady, calm management has shown the attributes of all of them and is evident in the player who he will inherit at Chelsea, the ex- Brighton right-back Marc Cucurella, signed for PS15m from Getafe before being sold to an offer that could be worth PS62m after just 1 season.

    He's got the sort of self-deprecating, down-to-earth manner that can be useful in putting the odd snark on Stamford Bridge into context, not the least of which is when he mocks his own name.

    Potter once stated: "It's hard to be the most sexy person when you're Potter particularly if your initial name was Graham. This makes it harder to be attractive. You can add the long face, ginger beards, and else will make me want to remain a football coach and interact together with my players. "

    The dry humor hides the inner steel that brought Potter moving to Chelsea and already has him slated as a possible successor for England Manager Gareth Southgate.

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    Potter wasn't shy about expressing his frustration to Brighton supporters after they were booed off by the team after a draw that was goalless with Leeds United in November 2021.

    He added: "I'm a little bit confused by the response of the people. They have the right to their views, however I don't agree with them 100. We're ranked 8th on the Premier League but maybe I should get a background on the club. "

    Potter may have chosen the easy route and remained still, but he clearly felt the need to voice his opinion on what he saw as unfairness to his team from Brighton. Brighton Support.

    There was no reason to be unhappy when Brighton ended up in ninth place at the close of the season that included consecutive away victories against Arsenal and Spurs and a 4-0 defeat of Manchester United, while the current campaign began with a 2-1 victory at Old Trafford. Also, it featured an amazing victory at home against Leicester City that put them in the top four spots prior to Chelsea's arrival.

    Potter's work in the past gives him optimism that he can be successful at Chelsea, although in a totally different environment to the ones he worked in before. Tuchel's relationship with certain players was strained. However, his calm and collected personality can aid in healing, as will the broader and growing respect for the achievements he has made during his time at Amex Stadium. Amex Stadium.

    The danger is the expectations that were attributed to Tuchel and the constant tension cooker that is at Chelsea, where the pressure for immediate success could mean that even Boehly's best intentions for long-term management will be tested.

    Potter is delighted to mock his appearance, which was evident again when compared to other players who were thrown on the successor to Tuchel, like Zinedine Zidane as well as Mauricio Pochettino. However, the manner in which the way he has improved Brighton and the manner in the way he's achieved it must mean that the team receives the warmest acceptance to Stamford Bridge.

    He faces a difficult task following a disappointing beginning in this Premier League season and the slow start of Chelsea's Champions League campaign with the defeat to Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia that was the prelude to Tuchel's departure.

    Potter isn't lacking European experiences, of course, with a memorable victory of 2-1 against Ostersunds FK at Arsene Wenger's Arsenal in the Europa League in February 2018 after they had a brief chance to overcome a 3-0 initial game deficit.

    Potter has to step up an additional level at Chelsea, but the majority of shrewd experts believe Potter is more than capable of dealing with the challenges he's taken on.

    Chelsea has clearly believed that, after having seen Potter working with Brighton Potter, he's the kind of gamble that is worth it, and this highly-rated intelligent manager believes the same way.

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